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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I Am Moving To Canada

That's right!  You read correctly, I am moving to Canada!  I accepted a great opportunity to go work for a start-up in Toronto called gloPlug.  I submitted my resignation to my manager, and there is no turning back now.  This is probably one of the most exciting and scary events of my life.  I am leaving a great job working for a great company and moving to another country to go work for a start-up!  This is probably a great example of what people call "a leap of faith".  I have faith that I will be allowed to work in Canada, and they won't turn me away at the border.  I have faith that I will find a wonderful place to live and enjoy my daily life in Toronto.  I have faith that I a going to work for a company that will not fail.  I have faith that emigration is the right choice for me.

If everything goes as planned, I should be arriving in Toronto on Sunday, November 30 and reporting to my new job the next day.  I am so excited because this is a tremendous opportunity for me.  gloPlug is a company started by a friend and colleague of mine named Brad Rooke.  Brad started gloPlug back in August of 2007 and it has developed into a company with amazing potential.  I am joining gloPlug as the "Team Lead, Professional Services & Consulting" and I will be taking a leadership role in building gloPlug's long term consulting services practice.  This is also a great opportunity because I get to work with Brad again.  Brad and I have quite a history together, and I am thrilled to be working with him and the amazing team he has built at gloPlug.

Brad is a very energetic salesperson who takes very good care of his customers and the people around him.  This is, without a doubt, the main reason he is so successful.  Brad and I met back in June of 2006, when I was assigned to support one of his customers in Toronto.  Let's just say I was assigned to help with a very challenging project and leave it at that for now.  Brad always went out of his way to make sure I was comfortable and did everything he could to make sure I had every chance of success during my visits to Toronto.  He game me what I call the "rock star treatment".  He frequently took me out to fabulous dinners, went out of his way to make sure I had everything I needed, and even picked me up at the airport on several occasions. 

I can probably summarize Brad by telling the story of the day when I first met him.  He was standing just past customs at Pearson airport holding a sign that said "Gluck" on it.  At first he blended well with the limo drivers, because he was a very professional looking fellow in a nice suit, talking on the phone.  He introduced himself, showed me out to his car, helped me with my luggage, and took me immediately to my hotel and to then to dinner.  I am a practical sort of guy, and I would have been perfectly happy taking a taxi to my hotel and eating dinner by myself at the lobby bar.  But Brad insisted on being my chauffeur and dinner companion.  I even suggested that we go to dinner before he dropped me off at my hotel, because I didn't want to inconvenience him any longer than necessary.  Brad insisted that I should go to my hotel room and take plenty of time getting settled in after my "long flight" from Dallas.  I must admit, I do enjoy a warm cloth on my face after sitting in an airplane full of sweaty smelly nasty people.  I don't remember many more details, but I am sure dinner was fabulous.  Dinner with Brad is always a treat.  I guess that's more than enough about Brad for now.  I wouldn't want people thinking I am obsessed with him or anything.

There are so many more reasons to move to Canada, but I will save those for later blog posts.  For now, cross your fingers and hope my leap of faith was a wise choice.

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