Travel adventures.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Road Trip - Day 1

Today is the big day. I left Dallas around 10:30. I love a road trip, and I am very excited about living in Toronto. In this blog entry, I will describe the drive from Dallas to Nashville.

1:00 Welcome to Arkansas!
3:00 Little Rock, Arkansas. First tank of gas was $1.61 per gallon. This is the type of fuel price I will miss when I am living in Canada.
4:30 Somewhere between nowhere, and Memphis. I am getting a little bored and the scenery isn't very interesting. I have eaten about 1/8 pound of sunflower seeds and I drank two large cups of coffee.
5:00 Memphis, TN is a surprisingly small little town on the Mississippi river. My GPS tells me I have about 4 hours until Nashville.
8:20 I finally arrived at Elaine's house in Spring Hill. So that is the end of the first day of the road trip. Yippee! No more driving until tomorrow. :)