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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Road Trip - Day 3: Welcome To Canada

I had a nice big breakfast at the hotel before I started my final day of the trip.
10:30 Left Cleveland and headed up the south side of Lake Erie. I could have saved a few minutes if I went up the North end of the lake, but I have Detroit, and I don't think I have ever been to PA.
11:30 Pennsylvania welcomes you
12:11 Welcome to New York, Toll Booth ahead. I wasn't able to take a photo of the welcome sign, but where were several chances to photograph the toll signs. It's all about the money in New York. :)

NOTE: The details that follow are a bit foggy, but I am recording them here as best as I can remember a few days later.

1:30 Welcome to Canada. I entered the immigration office, showed the "pre-approval" form for my work permit, along with all the other supporting documentation. Immigration reviewed my documents, and then sent me on to over to customs. Customs asked what I was bringing into Canada, and eventually sent me back to immigration. I bounced around from counter to counter a few times, eventually paid a fee for my work permit, and then was done with my border processing. After almost an hour, I had my work permit, and proceeded to my new home in Toronto.

As I entered Niagara region, the rain turned to snow flurries. It was so ironic that it started snowing almost immediately after I crossed the border. There was a bit of snow on the ground in Pennsylvania and New York, but it didn't actually start snowing until I crossed the border. I arrived in Toronto about 2 hours after I got through customs. By the time I arrived, my friend, Andrew had met with the real estate agent and picked up my keys for me. He had also put a couple of lights and a couple of chairs in my apartment. Andrew helped me carry all of my stuff up from my car, and helped me carry the bed and tables he had to lend to me down from his apartment. Andrew even made me dinner and sent me home with a bottle of wine.

It was great to have friends helping find my apartment, arrange to make the deposit, and having everything ready for me when I arrived. If I had to do all this myself, I would have probably lived in a hotel for a week or two when I first arrived. It's great to be settled in my new home.