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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Marina Life in the Toronto Harbourfront

It has been a long time since my last post, because I have been so terribly busy. I don't feel much like blogging when I get done working each day. The good news is that business has been very brisk at gloPlug Limited (now known as GPL). That probably means I don't need to worry about staying employed. One thing I do often make time for is drinks and dinner at the local sports bar, St Louis on Bremner. I usually go down to the bar, have a few beers, watch some hockey, and shoot the shit with the locals. I've met lots of interesting people there.

Marina Quay West
This week, I met an interesting guy who lives in Marina Quay West. So, I thought I would make a brief post about life in the Marina. I chatted with this fellow for about an hour, and the sad part is I can't remember his name. Anyway, he described a little about life in the marina. Marina Quay West is on the waterfront near lower Spadina in downtown Toronto. Lots of people live in the marina year around, and I was amazed that they would live there all winter. It sounds like it would be miserably cold living in the belly of a boat that is docked in icy cold water. People think I am crazy for moving to Toronto from Dallas. I think these people are even more crazy.

Life in the marina doesn't actually sound as bad as I initially expected. They have underground parking, washrooms, showers, a variety store, a laundromat, and even wireless internet service. Slip fees include unlimited hydro (power and water). Several of the residents there share a satellite dish attached to the dock, and they get great reception. Apparently the only real hazard is the risk of having the hull of your boat damaged or crushed by the ice. There is less risk with the rounded hull of a sailboat, but the power boats are especially at risk of damage from the ice. To prevent hull damage, they lower pumps called "bubblers" into the water, and the fast moving water keeps the ice from forming near the hull of the boat.

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